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BMR's Time Trial schedule for 2024 is:

Spring Jefferson Dash - May 25th and 26th

Pagoda Hillclimb - June 22nd and 23rd

Duryea Hillclimb - August 17th and 18th

Time Trials is the category that allows everyone to participate, depending on your experience level and depending if your car qualifies. 

Here is a brief description of the levels:

PDX (Performance Driving Experience) is Level 1 -- and can be a street car with 3-point seatbelt harness and a helmet for the driver.  This category allows any licensed driver to get a taste of what SCCA is all about.

Level 2 is Club Trials - which allows drivers to go around the course as a group.

Level 3 is Track Trials - a timed event taking place on approved closed circuits such as the Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.

Level 4 is Hillclimbs - Timed events on a closed public road with a pronounced elevation change such as Pagoda and  Duryea Hillclimbs in Reading,PA.
Click on  the "Pagoda" or "Duryea" link for more info on each hillclimb.                                                                                                     

The Timetrials and Hillclimb events BMR puts on are done in conjunction with and part of the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association.
More details about  competing in the Hillclimbs is available at www.pahillclimb.org

Current PHA Rules, Documents, and Supplementary Regulations for Time Trial Events can be found here .

The 2023 Supplementary Regulations for Time Trial Events can be found here .

TIME TRIAL RULES for Hill Climbs can be found here

HILLCLIMB RULES can be found here

The Novice License application is available here .

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 hillclimbs are available to individuals or businesses.  Minimum $150, contact me if you are interested. See the sponsors page for additional details.

Anyone with an interest in our hillclimbs is welcome to attend a meeting .  Please come and help us make plans.

Rich Rock

Email:  Rikrock ((at)) Live.com

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  2024 Reading Hillclimbs  

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