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Blue Mountain Region (BMR) is Region #97 of the Sports Car Club of America .
BMR is also part of the Northeast Division (NEDiv) of the SCCA.

BMR is heavily involved in  TimeTrials / Hill Climb events.
Reading, PA, the center of our region, is home to the 
Pagoda Hillclimb  and Duryea hillclimb .
These 2 events that are hosted by BMR attract SCCA TimeTrials members from all over the east coast.
The Pagoda Hill Climb each June is the short version of Duryea. Running the lower half of the winding, twisting turns of this challenging course.
The Duryea Hill Climb each August is the longest and some say the most challenging hill to tame in our series.
BMR members participate in
other Hillclimb events that are outside our region also. 
TimeTrials / Hill Climbers participate in the Mid Atlantic Time Trial Series (MATTS) and NEDiv TimeTrials Series
Schedule .

Some BMR members are also active in  RallyCross .

Solo Autocross events are popular all over the USA and especially in PA, NJ, NY, MD and DE. Our Solo Chairman is looking for a good site that we can use.

We have quite a few members that are involved in Road Racing.  Regional Club Racing is the best hardcore racing out there. (Next to the National Series, anyway.)

SCCA:  We know how to set up the framework to indulge your passion for speed. We have the categories and the country covered.  Anywhere in the U.S., within one of our 110 regions, you are close to the unique brand of SCCA action that will elevate your heartbeat. More...