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  Pagoda Hillclimb  

2019 Pagoda Hillclimb---- June 22-23, 2019

This continued to use the "new" Pagoda Hillclimb course, with the Start line at the same place as Duryea, and the Finish line about halfway between Turns 9 and 10 as you approach the Pagoda.
Turnaround will be at the Pagoda parking/overlook area.
The length of the new course is about 1.35 miles.
Here is a map of the current course:

     Please note that we have a limit of 110 entries.
     Download the entry form HERE in MS Word or HERE in PDF
     Online registration will open 1-June-2019 8:00 AM EST and Closes 16-Jun-2019 1:00 AM EST on
     Early Entry fee is $180.00. Entry after 16-Jun-2019 is $205.00
     Please either pay online (processing fee will apply) or send a check payable to "BMR SCCA" to:
     Blue Mountain Region SCCA
     Nancy Lewis
     40 Ridge Crest Drive
     Fleetwood, PA 19522
     If you pay by check, please know that BMR does not cash your check until AFTER the event.
     * ENTRY LIMIT: 110 Entries. Waiting list will apply.
     ** REFUNDS after June 17 at discretion of Event Organizers.
     Friday June 21st: Registration and tech will be at the William Penn Fire Tower begining at 5pm.
     Saturday Night Party at the William Penn Tower. Backyard cookout style – bring chairs. Contributions of a side dish or dessert are welcome
     See entry form for further details and schedule.

     Competition is from approximately 9am-4pm both days.
     Entry is by donation on site.
          Donations go to Pagoda-Skyline, Inc. which is a non-profit, citizen volunteer organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Pagoda, the Fire Tower and the Skyline Drive area.
     Clymer St., between Walnut St. and Hill Rd., is closed off and this is where the cars pit.
     There is no dedicated parking. You can park anywhere in the area of Walnut St. and 13th St./Clymer St. or down in city park to access the lower portion of the course and the pits.

     You can access Turns 2, 3, and 4 by walking up Lombard Street and hiking on a short path up the hill.
          There are Bleachers between turns 2 and 3.
     You can also access Turns 7 and 8 by parking near the intersection of Hill Rd and Hill Rd, and hiking up a short path in the woods.
          There are Bleachers between turns 7 and 8.

     There will again be a Shuttle Bus for spectators to take up the hill.
          Rider-ship is by donation with donations going to the Reading Recreation Center at Third and Spruce.
          Shuttle picks up from the intersection of Clymer St. and Hill Rd.

  2019 Reading Hillclimbs  

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 The It was scanned in at 300 DPI and prints nicely on 3 sheets of paper.