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SCCA Solo events, often set up in parking lots or any place with a large expanse of pavement, are all about a driver's ability to accurately and precisely maneuver around a pylon-marked course in the fastest time possible.

If you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and your fellow drivers, then show up an SCCA Solo event. Prove that you're as good as your car looks, that you have what it takes to go fast. Don't think your car is up to it? Show up anyway. Chances are someone will show you the ropes behind the wheel of theirs.

It's a battle against course and clock, sometimes called autocross, it all comes to down to driving ability.
Are you as fast as your car looks?  SCCA Solo places a premium on precise driving skills and a singular goal ? complete the course faster than your rivals.


  Solo & AutoCross Annoucements  

BMR-SCCA AutoCross - Classic Auto Mall - Morgantown PA - Sunday October 28th, 2018

Classic Auto Mall
6180 Morgantown Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
Classic Auto Mall will be open during the event for everyone's enjoyment, free of charge. You really gotta see what's inside!

Time Table:
Sunrise: 7:25AM
Registration & Tech open: 7:45AM
Course Open for Walking: 8:45AM Novice Course Walk: 9AM Mandatory Driver's meeting: 9:30AM
First car off at: 10AM

You must be an SCCA member but if you are not an SCCA member you can buy a Weekend Membership for $15 which can be transfered to the cost of a full membership.
No Mail-in Entries
Entry fees will be $35 (plus the myautoevents fee) for those preregistering on myautoevents.com
Online Registration will close October 25th at 1AM EST
Late Registration and walk-ups the day of the event are $45 for those registering at the event.
CASH OR CHECK ONLY for all at-the-event transactions
We won't be allowing Karts or Junior drivers at this event, sorry.
We will accept a maximum of 100 entries.

See the General Autocross rules at https://www.scca.com/pages/solo-cars-and-rules for detailed entry requirements and car classifications.

The lot is not big and it's a bit bumpy. It's all we have and we're going to make the best of it.
It's usable, but may not be suited for very low or super-stiff cars.
We won't be allowing Karts or Junior drivers at this event, sorry.
All cars MUST have EFFECTIVE mufflers.
It's been years since this site has been available to us and we don't want to lose it because of complaints from the nearby homeowners.
If you think your car "might" be too loud, it probably is. Officials' decision on questionable cars is final.

This is a work to play event. That means that if your group is not running, your group will be out working the course. Without this we could not make these events happen. This work may entail any of the following: Working a hand held radio and calling in cones knocked down on course, running out on course between cars to reset knocked over cones, and Manning a red flag and fire extinguisher.

Event Questions?:
E-mail Rich Rock or Bill Norton

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